Wadding of natural fibers, polyester or combination of both;

Wadding of natural fibers are available in cotton.

Wadding or batting made of natural fibers is the most common component used for the mattress business. The natural fiber of cotton is breathable, soft and a popular choice for many users. Cotton wadding, although it is often one of the most expensive qualities of wadding available, but nevertheless it is a high quality product.

Wadding made of polyester fiber

Polyester wadding or batting is a popular choice for many users, and comes in a variety of weights. Polyester wadding is much less expensive than the cotton wadding and very durable. It is very light, is subject to minimal shrinkage and can be easily washed and dried. Although it does not breathe as much compared to wadding made from natural fibers, it is a lower cost alternative available so users have a choice where cost is a factor.

Combination Wadding

Wadding can be produced in a variety of mixtures. These are cotton/polyester, cotton/bamboo, and cotton/polyester which is environmentally friendly. The ratio of blends can vary from 50/50 to 70/30 or 80/20, and so there is a wide range for selection. Hence, the user has a choice of the best of both qualities, especially if they are undecisive on which quality to use. They are easy to work with and often loftier and lighter while still providing the benefits of natural fibres. They are also cheaper than 100% cotton.

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