Geotextile use in volcanic crater

The widespread use of non-woven geotextile is evolving beyond the standard uses under construction everyday. The company in its continuous effort of product development, was involved in a pioneering application of non-woven geotextile on volcanic soil.

Event in Nisyros

The group of six dogs events attracted us for a solution to cover the volcano floor in Nisyro island. The aim was to protect the professional equipment of artists during the 634 minutes of the concert.

With the advice of geologists and volcanologists of their team, as the volcano is still active, they were presented with several options of nonwoven geotextile. The criteria was the thickness as well as the strength of the material on a ground with a large percentage of sulfur content. After deliberation the choice of quality MULTI to 600gr / m 2 was decided in custom dimensions.


In recognition by the electronic media, ( Article from the New York Times ) the concert was extremely successful with 2,000 visitors. The six dogs team managed the success of the event in an unfriendly environment on a remote island. This brings about the high ability of the organizers and the possibility of innovation in Greece.

This pioneering event in Greece and the world, was extremely successful. The choice of non-woven geotextile was crucial for the smooth but mainly safe conduct of the event.

nisyros concert with use of geotextile

Non woven geotextile used as floor cover during the concert in the volcano in Nisyros.


Photo credit:@sixdogsathens