Non woven geotextile from polypropylene fibers, mechanically stabilized by 150 gr / m2 to 2.000 gr / m2. It applies to foundations of public construction projects (railways, roads, reservoirs, tunnels) and buildings under permanent drainage systems, separation, stabilization and support. Specifications provided by public and private institutions to apply to public construction projects.

There is possibility of producing geotextiles to specific requirements (strength, deformation, water permeability, etc.), depending on the needs of the technical implementation.

Until today there are up to eighty area-specific applications of non woven geotextiles in multiple sectors like agriculture and construction. Within these applications non woven geotextiles always perform one of these five functions and are examples of application in construction and civil works for engineers:




Geotextile used for filtration
In earth fillings for road works, coastal and water works (e.g. earth dams), river banks and vertical drainage.

Reinforcement – Waterproofing

In earth fillings of dams, stabilisation works, tunnels, membranes, side or vertical drainage e.t.c.. In this case its high porosity facilitates the quick elimination of water.
In stabilisation construction, earth fillings and road surface repairs, it stops or reduces crack propagation.
Reinforcement use of non woven geotextile.


Drainage use of non woven geotextile.
In water reservoirs, dams, tunnels and open earth channels, a non woven geotextile impregnated by resins or tar forms a water proofing medium.


In earth fillings for road and rail works and port wave breakers. Separates two layers of different particle size and distribution with resultant savings in necessary volume.
Geotextile separating two layers of different particle size.

Protection – Stabilization

Non woven geotextile use for protection and stabilisation
Protection and stabilisation of soils of low load – carrying capacity, of tunnels, coastal works, membranes e.t.c. In this case local loads are redistributed by the non woven geotextile thus preventing subsidence.