Insulation innovation in public school renovation

Last week completed the renovation of the 13th Primary School of Athens Pagrati. The renovation was part of the program “Design for Better Learning Program” (“Έτσι μαθαίνω καλύτερα”)  which carries the Athens Municipality with funding donated by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

aritherm dark color

For the design chosen aritherm insulating plate form a dark color to match the new appearance of the space. The possibility of a different color is at the discretion of our production upon request.

Special construction

The construction was done on the courtyard of the 13th Primary School of Athens which was installed with an aluminum profile to hold above. This position leaves the insulating material exposed to create a type of bass trap.

Unique properties

The technology of this insulating material allows aritherm to be exposed covering health, aesthetic or safety standards required without losing acoustic properties. The insulation aritherm preserves the characteristics of the time and there is no performance or dimensional changes when the thermal and hygrometric environmental conditions change.

Also, aritherm in panel form is lightweight and easy to apply and does not need protective clothing or special treatment. More information can be found here.

aritherm μονωτικό σε πυλωτή σχολείου

aritherm insulation on the roof for sound absorbtion


Program “Design for Better Learning Program”

The purpose of this program is the renovation of school premises through an integrated intervention on the premises of schools. In particular, maintenance and re-engineering within the classrooms and communal spaces and courtyards. The ultimate goal is to improve the educational environment. (Source: 1)

This program is implemented in 12 school buildings by the municipality of Athens, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Intelligent Environments changing TUC, the sole giver the “Stavros Niarchos Foundation.” (Source: 2)


Photo before and after the renovations.




The 13th Primary School before and after renovation.