aritherm insulation in the Rio Olympic Games

The innovative insulation material aritherm was installed in the construction of the International Broadcast Center in Barra da Tijuca. The IBC was one of the main buildings of the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The construction of the IBC was implemented by Technokataskevi S.A..


  • Start of construction: October 2013
  • End of construction: November 2015
  • Total area of IBC main building and IBC offices: 79,000m²
  • Total area of IBC main building: 68,000m²
  • Total area of roof: 32,000m²
  • Daily capacity during the Games: 10,000 people
  • Height: 21m (first floor 12m, second floor 8m)
  • 12 studios of approximately 5,000m²
  • 1,215 metal stakes in the foundations
  • Total concrete used: 20,000m³
  • 49 bathrooms (16 accessible for people with a disability)
  • 500 people worked on the construction
  • Stairways: 12 internal, 14 external
  • Elevators: 13 (9 for equipment, 4 for people)